Are you ready transform your life and the life of your family?

By Becoming a Calm and Connected Parent

How to Talk to Your Teenager Masterclass

Are you tired of yelling, feeling angry, frustrated and completely disconnected from your teenager?

Do you feel like your family is falling apart and it’s out of your control?

Are you losing confidence as a parent?

You’re not alone, in fact it was these very feelings and many more that had me desperate to make a massive shift in my own family, after years of feeling overwhelmed, guilty and just not good enough.

All I wanted was to be the” perfect parent “(whatever that is) for my three amazing boys. However, when our first born became a teenager what once had been a fun and happy family environment soon shifted to a constant daily struggle for me as a mum.

I began to devote all my spare time to learning all I could about connecting and communicating with teenagers.

My research and studies took me from neuroscience, to psychology, to coaching and everything in between. I have had some powerful break throughs, and not only have I learnt so much more about my 3 teenage sons I have also learnt even more about myself.

I have developed strategies and approaches that have shifted our conversations, as I now understand my sons on a deeper level, and I know how to communicate and connect with them even when we have challenging circumstances and situations.

Those days that I felt lost, out of control, frustrated, angry, anxious, guilty and disconnected from my son now feels like a distant memory.

I don’t want any other parent to ever have to feel the sense of despair we felt nor feel as helpless and frustrated as I did.

Now I work to support parents and teens who feel disconnected from one another by sharing simple techniques that break down barriers, help them reconnect and create a happier home.

I’m here to tell you there is a better way.

With a passion to help as many parents, teens and families as I can I decided to develop an online parenting program packed full of learnings that I have learnt about teenagers over the last 3 years and blended it with over 18 years of self-development and understanding of the human mind, body and soul. This is a unique program that will give you the confidence to not only become a calm and connected parent but to truly shine as the amazing person you were born to be.

What we'll cover...

  1. Who are you? YES, it’s time to celebrate you, even if right now you feel you’re completely failing as a parent!
  2. Understanding your mind, how your sub conscious and conscious mind operate and are the driving force behind EVERYTHING you experience in life, including how you show up as a parent.
  3. Time to get emotionally intelligent, learn to recognise and positively express your emotions so can understand and validate your own emotions, therefore support your teen with theirs, even if right now emotions are “out if control” in your house!!
  4. Parenting Styles Learn the 4 most popular parenting styles, recognise and accept yours, even if right now you had no Idea parenting style were even a thing!!
  5. Learn the effects of your parenting style, recognising your parenting style and learning how our style effects the whole operations of our home and the long-term effects it has on our children is a lesson not to be missed.
  6. Punishments Vs consequences understand the difference and why one is so much more effective compared to the other.
  7. Unmet needs, as humans we all have needs, we can’t avoid and we can’t un need them, we can however understand them and choose how we positively meet them for yourself and for your family.
  8. Same page parenting, are you and your co parent on the same page when it comes to
    parenting? Understand why it’s essential to recognise this and how it effects your children behaviour towards you.
  9. Consistency and setting clear boundaries– learn how to calmly and effectively set boundaries that your teen will be happy to accept and follow, which helps you to able to remain consistent, calm and connected, even if right now they won’t follow any of the house rules
  10. The Teen Brain, learning how our teens brain develops helps us better understand our teens on a much deeper level and allows us to get our own heads around their somewhat unexplained behaviours.
  11. Communication, learn the art of communication, listening & understanding so that you can really reconnect and encourage your teen to open, feel heard and understood, even if right now communication, listening and understanding are non-existent in your home.
  12. Building the calm and connected relationship as a family – Learn how to put this masterclass into practice and really start enjoying being a calm and connected parent, even if today you feel angry, frustrated and just not good enough.
"I have really enjoyed my sessions with Karli, she is very patient and calming to be around.

She assisted me to come up with some great ideas for my family and better ways to deal with everyday situations and a better understanding of myself also.

I would totally recommend her to anyone that needs to better understand life, kids, family and how to deal with these everyday stresses."
Tania Wilkie
Client Testimonial
I have two daughters , one with anxiety. My girls had one session with Karli and the difference that this has made to their lives and our family’s life is undeniable.

With so much gratefulness I recommend Karli to anyone, any age. She is truly life changing.
Michelle Rogers
Client Testimonial